Turning Two . . . in 2 Minutes FLAT! ♦ Raleigh NC Family Photographer

In what I hope to be an annual tradition, this gorgeous family below wanted to do more photos this year.  Vance, turns out, turned two years old .  . . . a little early . . . . and on that very morning.  Which threw his parents a curve ball.  I, as a photographer was lovin’ it a little bit.  NO, he will not stand still, No he will not look at the camera, No he will not keep his carefully chosen outfit on, No, he will not smile.  That is sort of like against the Two Year Old Credo or something right?  So, you have to meet them where they are.  I, being the mom of a three year old knew EXACTLY what to do.

“Vance . . . . I want to take photos of your mom and dad by themselves so I don’t want you in the photos, mkay?  So while I’m taking photos of them, you can go off and do your thing, just whatever you do, don’t get near your mom and dad so we can take their photos by themselves” . . . . . So you know what happened, right . . . . it took about 5-6 minutes before he was weaving in and out of their legs with a face full of glorious expression being . . . . VANCE.  Which is exactly what I wanted.  Clothing was going to be optional.  Does this little guy get cuter every time you see him?  Of course he does!  The ‘Rents ain’t too shabby either!







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