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Anyone that knows me personally, or has ever seen my Facebook page, or is remotely halfway paying a little bit of attention at all, knows how important adoption is to me.  They also know how important my friends are to me.  So when you mix the two together, you have complete TokoBobo saturation.  My most lovely and adorable friends, Vea and Daniel (and my future son-in-law Elijah), are welcoming their newest addition from China and this little girl has gone and smitten EVERYONE already.  In a panic, Vea said “OH NO!  I forgot my camera!” . . . . DUH.  Who’s your bestie with a Nikon, huh?  Did you really think you would be showered and NOT shuttered too?  Please!  I had already announced that I would be photographing the homecoming of sweet little E as a gift and that I would offer that gift to any parent(s) adopting for their homecoming event.  It is my way of expressing gratitude for my own daughter coming home.  Vea and Daniel seemed to appreciate it . . . .  completely unaware that it was also my sneaky way of getting some face time with that baby girl!  Don’t say anything, mkay?

And what does ANYBODY that has a photographer for a BFF get for a shower gift?  Why . . . .Bob Barker . . . . they get their family session complete with digital files on a disc!  (i.e. MORE face time with baby girl and my future son-in-law) . . . . See . . . I got the smarts real good!

And a big old P.S. and shout out to Vea’s friends and family for putting this whole fete together!  WOOT WOOT!  Super classy and super perfect!

P.S.S. . .. Vea, don’t hate me for the Sally Field Moment photo . . . . mkay?



A Sally Field Moment



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