Monthly Archives: November 2011

A Baby Girl . . . Showered ♦ Durham NC Event Photographer

Anyone that knows me personally, or has ever seen my Facebook page, or is remotely halfway paying a little bit of attention at all, knows how important adoption is to me.  They also know how important my friends are to me.  So when you mix the two together, you have complete TokoBobo saturation.  My most… Read more »

Just one quick one . . . ♦ Durham NC Family Photographer

So, I get an email from V wanting to know if it would be ok to just bypass the whole Christmas card thing this year.  See, they are preparing to travel to bring their new daughter home from China and well . . . they are busy.  Are you kidding, I say?  NO, it will… Read more »

Blackstrap Molasses ♦ Raleigh NC Music Scene Photographer

I had been called out of town on a family emergency and had to cancel this session because an emergency turned into a bigger emergency.  There was just no way a sane person could get the emergencies taken care of and drive back in from out of state, run in, hug and kiss the family… Read more »