Blackstrap Molasses ♦ Raleigh NC Music Scene Photographer

I had been called out of town on a family emergency and had to cancel this session because an emergency turned into a bigger emergency.  There was just no way a sane person could get the emergencies taken care of and drive back in from out of state, run in, hug and kiss the family and take back off again to get to the show.  Operative word here being SANE.  Oddly and for some bizarre reason, I work well under pressure and I needed a nice distraction.  I uncancelled and it was ON.  An intimate setting, good music, a few people I knew and a warm atmosphere.  Yes . . . . I needed that.  Below, two of the members of Blackstrap Molasses perform an unplugged set with only ambient lighting . . . no sweat!  That I will admit to anyway . . . .






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