She Wants To Be A STAR! ♦ Atlanta~Alabama Family Photographer

So I announce that I’m going to Atlanta for WPPI University and hang out with all the Big Kids in the photography industry.  You know . . . the ones that earn $1 million per year, have people chasing them like Rock Stars and are gorgeous.  Anyway, Jeanne saw me post that on Facebook and said, “Hey, let’s do our shoot in Atlanta too!” . . . Uhm. . . . Jeanne . . . . you live in southern Alabama.  Apparently the ATL is old stompin’ grounds for Matt (who isn’t a comedian, but could stand in for one if they were late) and No, they wouldn’t mind making that 5 hour drive.  I had met Jeanne through a mutual friend online, but we had never met in person, but I didn’t give a second thought to hopping into the big fat truck in front of the Omni CNN in Atlanta with these folk . . . . Until the door shut.  I was about to make them promise not to kidnap me, when I realized it would be more like The Ransom of Little Red Chief.  And I’m not sure they had enough money to pay my family to take me back.

Off we went to the park I had researched thoroughly when we were turned back at the gate.  Appears as though not only was there a wedding, but a very very very large music festival as well.  We were welcome to hike in a mile if we parked illegally and didn’t get towed though.  The outlaw in me said “let’s go for it” and they were game.  The Grands were with us but this was all a surprise to them.  As was the hike.  Everyone was a good sport because Little Diva had a show of her own to put on.  By the time we got to the main park area and I scouted out my first site, we had little light remaining.  The photos you see here were me pushing my camera to maximum capacity with no flash and willing my hands to stay steady enough to keep the shutter open just a little bit longer.  We shot until after 8pm and luckily we ran out of baby before we ran out of camera function in low light!  She was a Super Star, but that was not news to me.  I picked up that Vanity Fair magazine at an antique store just for this shoot.  How did I know?







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  1. Jeanne

    Love love love! So glad we had the opportunity to meet you and have our family photographed by your amazing self! We had such a wonderful day and I am still in awe of how well miss star did. She is such a good baby and I’m so glad even with starting to cut her first two teeth that day that she was such a ROCKSTAR!

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