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Does this face look familiar?  Oh my how a year changes wee ones!  This is Caroline and this is one of my little babies from last year around this same time.  You may remember those delicious, piercing eyes from her shoot last October.   My jaw hit the floor as she WALKED up the lane (when did this whole WALKING thing start!?).  Did you see those curls?  That is no weave y’all . . . . that is pure, authentic Caroline!  How does her mommy stand it!?  I couldn’t keep my hands out of her hair and luckily, she was a good sport about it.  After a few banana and mango chips and some juice, she was starting to stretch her legs and get into the process, but it was the rocking chair that made me an OK kinda person in her eyes.  She didn’t mind me being there so much as long as she got to sit a spell and read her book.  But it was when the skater boys and footballers showed up that she could simply not be bothered with a camera or its owner.  Her focus on the extracurricular activities had me hopin’ as I’m sure me blocking her view of them had her annoyed. . . . you can see the determination on her face as she fakes me out on a run for the boys, but it sure made an adorable shot . . . . Please to enjoy Caroline!






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