Every child you encounter is a divine appointment ♦ wess stafford ♦ Cary Child Photographer

This is Cami . . . Cameron to be exact.

I met Cameron a while back at a party.  I smiled at her because it was so easy.  She smiled back and came running up to me to chat.  What struck me is that she seemed to gravitate toward me and I thought I must be special.  Then I realized she gravitated toward several others . . . and it hit me.  SHE was the one that was so special.  And what made her double exponentially special is how special she made everyone else feel.  I realized that a star had been born.  A real one.  Not just the Broadway kind . . . but the Princess Diana kind.  The kind that lights the world up with the twinkle in her eyes that reflect what she sees in you.  And you.  And you over there.  I believe it is what is referred to as GIFTED.

When it came time to “hang my shingle” as a photographer in cyberspace, I was nervous.  I wanted that first session as a professional, but I was scared of it at the same time.  Enter Rachel . . . Cameron’s mom.  She was the first one to take me up on my “dare” to hire me.  What ensued was nothing short of transformative.  Professionally and personally.  I spent about three and one half hours with Cameron and Rachel.  Cameron just kept on being fabulous and I just couldn’t stop trying to capture it.  I think I succeeded.  How could I miss?  It was this session that launched my photography and my confidence.   And it renewed my belief in Divine Appointments.  Merci beaucoup, Cami darlin’ . . . .

To see more of Cami’s session please click here

4 Responses to “Every child you encounter is a divine appointment ♦ wess stafford ♦ Cary Child Photographer”

  1. Kerry Iturbe

    Beautiful work. Cameron is my niece! Love her and i love your photography!!! 🙂

  2. Suzanne Bodeen

    These photos just take my breath away! I met you briefly at Cami’s birthday party. You are incredibly talented!
    Grandmother Suzanne

  3. Vea

    She is simply breathtaking. It is hard to pick a favorite!!!! I do especially love how you caught her hair and smile in picture 25. 🙂

  4. Shari Campbell

    Love these, somewhat partial, she’s my granddaughter… the greatest Christmas present ever! Thank you!

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