V is for . . . ♦ North Carolina Coastal Photographer

one of my besties.

We both circle around creativity and we both are mommies to lively little devils so it was a requirement to spirit off in search of rejuvenation, respite, creative indulgence and mascara.  We were in a 5 bedroom beach “cottage” in Ocean Isle North Carolina and it felt more like a scene from a movie about two women that were plotting to save the world, just as soon as they got a good night’s sleep.

It wasn’t long enough.  So much so that I created more work for myself upon return, than when I left.  However, one of the prime tasks at hand was to capture this creature in a way that she had not been captured before.  This was early on in my “professional photography career” (whatever that means) and I was exceedingly nervous.  She was a pro.  Her eyes were the star of the show although, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you all that.

I am not at liberty to disclose anything further of our Retreat . . . I would have my Girl Code Card revoked if I did, but I will tell you that when she saw herself the way I see her . . . the way YOU see her, she cried.  My work there was done.  Please to enjoy. .. .







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  1. Vea

    LOVE and cried again. The trip was amazing and we’ll have to do it again once my bank account settles down from adopting amazing little devil number two. 😉 I’m going to need it!!!

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