The family is one of nature’s masterpieces ♦ george santayana ♦ Wake Forest Family Photographer

This is true  . . . . so how could I MISS with this family?  Vance and his mom and dad were some of my first clients back in the fall of 2010 and I was nervous.  VERY nervous.  Mom and I spoke on a few occasions about Little Man’s wardrobe, never mentioning her own.  I get it . . . . I’m a mom too.  We’re just here to do the heavy lifting for the star of the show, right?  Yet she still managed to show up with a gorgeous family; I’m talking Model perfection.  Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

I was told that Vance might be a little reluctant to pose.  Cool by me . . . all I needed to do was capture him doing Cute the only way he knows how . . . . FULL ON!  Have you EVER seen anyone rock the Chucks like him?  Really?  Then there were the little wheels turning inside his head.  I’m sure in one of his photos, if you look close, you can see them.  What a studied little character I had on my hands!  And a trusting one as well.  How humbling to have a wee one be so open and giving to a stranger hiding behind a black contraption with a long nose making weird sounds. Doesn’t get much cooler than that, except if you want to count Dad’s tats!  Vance rocked the Chucks, Dad rocked the tats and mom just rocked it all!  Can you stand how awesome they are?  Me neither!  How lucky was I to get to work with this family?  Please to enjoy . . . . Vance and Mom and Dad . . .


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It is not flesh and blood, but the heart which makes us fathers {and mothers} and sons {and daughters} ♦ Johann schiller ♦ Chapel Hill Family Photographer

Meet Jin.  He brought his Mommy and Daddy along for a photo shoot on a lovely and crisp autumn afternoon at the art museum.  One might have thought they were a group of models selling the idea of a real family.

Well, they could have sold anyone.  But they weren’t trying.  They were just being.  Themselves.  It was quite a delicious experience.

I met Kelley at the offices of Senator Dole.  We were fighting for the rights of children who needs parents to actually have them.  At that time neither of us had children so it was cathartic to be called upon a couple of years later to photograph Kelley and David’s FAMILY!  Our journeys took us to different countries in Asia, but it was clear that the Red Thread that connects those who must be connected was working overtime in our cases.  Jin just belongs in their arms and they belong in his.  All I had to do was fire the shutter while he was just being Jin.  And look what I got!  My camera was on charisma overload, but I just couldn’t stop shooting.  I think I wore him {and Mommy and Daddy!} out.

Later at Christmas, I pulled out the mail from the mailbox and saw this postcard with a gorgeous family on front, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what they were trying to sell.  When I got inside the house and looked closer, I realized it was Jin, Kelley and David and it was their Christmas card to us . . . . they were selling SPECTACULAR . . . . I’ll take about a million dollars worth, thank you!  The first photo below is the stunner from Christmas!





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  1. Vea

    ah love love-made me well up with tears—what a beautiful family!

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V is for . . . ♦ North Carolina Coastal Photographer

one of my besties.

We both circle around creativity and we both are mommies to lively little devils so it was a requirement to spirit off in search of rejuvenation, respite, creative indulgence and mascara.  We were in a 5 bedroom beach “cottage” in Ocean Isle North Carolina and it felt more like a scene from a movie about two women that were plotting to save the world, just as soon as they got a good night’s sleep.

It wasn’t long enough.  So much so that I created more work for myself upon return, than when I left.  However, one of the prime tasks at hand was to capture this creature in a way that she had not been captured before.  This was early on in my “professional photography career” (whatever that means) and I was exceedingly nervous.  She was a pro.  Her eyes were the star of the show although, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you all that.

I am not at liberty to disclose anything further of our Retreat . . . I would have my Girl Code Card revoked if I did, but I will tell you that when she saw herself the way I see her . . . the way YOU see her, she cried.  My work there was done.  Please to enjoy. .. .







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  1. Vea

    LOVE and cried again. The trip was amazing and we’ll have to do it again once my bank account settles down from adopting amazing little devil number two. 😉 I’m going to need it!!!

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Nothing you do for a child is ever wasted ♦ garrison keillor ♦ Cary Child Photographer|

Nothing has been ever more true.

Cami’s mom and I were discussing Christmas and the fact that she had not ever sent out Christmas cards.  I went on and on about how it always started out as a chore in my head, but how I secretly loved how excited I got planning for them.  She said she would love to have a photo of Cami on cards and the light bulb went off in my head.  It was Cami and her mom’s willingness to take a risk on me as a photographer that really launched TokoBobo Photography and I had to somehow show my gratitude.  I would do a mini-shoot for Cami and her mom as my gift.  Once again, my little star did shine . . . except this time, she was a little more sassy!  When she was done, she meant she was DONE!  BUT, she gave me some good face time while I had her interest.

So, this blog post is WAY late, but Cami’s mom didn’t want me to post the photos until after Christmas, THEN, I didn’t want to add more to my blog until my new site was launched.  Given the trouble I had importing data, I’m glad I waited, however, without further adieu, here is Miss Cami in all her Christmas glory!

Be sure to click the arrow on the last photo to start the slideshow . . . .






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It is the nature of babies to be in Bliss ♦ deepak chopra ♦ Raleigh Child Photographer

If it is the nature of babies to be in Bliss, then Miss Caroline is surely in her element!  A little background . . . I met Caroline’s mom on my own quest to become a mom.  Mary Beth earned Sainthood when she called me on May 19, 2008 at 5:37pm to announce that my husband and I had been matched with our daughter who was born in Viet Nam.  Through that long journey, I watched Mary Beth get engaged and married.  When we learned of Caroline’s imminent arrival, I was elated for her parents.  I knew the joy they were about to experience!  When I got the call for a quickie mini-session for Christmas photos, I was tickled to soon be meeting this little pixie that I had only seen photos of online.   Well, photos could not do this child justice!  She was spectacular and by spectacular, I do mean gorgeous!  The pressure was on!  Could I capture all that Fabulous with my camera?  HA!  I had to turn that mini-session into a full session because this little superstar just kept on giving me that squishy, gushy babyliciousness!  Three wardrobe changes later, I think she decided Enough Already, but even that was Baby gracious!  Those eyes . . . those cheeks . . . that blonde . . . no, is it red . . . . or is it blonde again . . . . hair!  My Nikon got cavities from all that baby sweetness!  Oh . . .  Mom and Dad jumped in a few photos too!  Sorry guys . . . Caroline was the STAR of this show, but you two gave good face too!  How could they not?  Caroline’s aura was infectious!  This child defined Picture Perfect!  Caroline . . . . you have surely spoiled me about working with babies . . . I can only dream that my future baby divas are as delicious as you were to capture!

Click here to see more of Caroline’s session


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Every child you encounter is a divine appointment ♦ wess stafford ♦ Cary Child Photographer

This is Cami . . . Cameron to be exact.

I met Cameron a while back at a party.  I smiled at her because it was so easy.  She smiled back and came running up to me to chat.  What struck me is that she seemed to gravitate toward me and I thought I must be special.  Then I realized she gravitated toward several others . . . and it hit me.  SHE was the one that was so special.  And what made her double exponentially special is how special she made everyone else feel.  I realized that a star had been born.  A real one.  Not just the Broadway kind . . . but the Princess Diana kind.  The kind that lights the world up with the twinkle in her eyes that reflect what she sees in you.  And you.  And you over there.  I believe it is what is referred to as GIFTED.

When it came time to “hang my shingle” as a photographer in cyberspace, I was nervous.  I wanted that first session as a professional, but I was scared of it at the same time.  Enter Rachel . . . Cameron’s mom.  She was the first one to take me up on my “dare” to hire me.  What ensued was nothing short of transformative.  Professionally and personally.  I spent about three and one half hours with Cameron and Rachel.  Cameron just kept on being fabulous and I just couldn’t stop trying to capture it.  I think I succeeded.  How could I miss?  It was this session that launched my photography and my confidence.   And it renewed my belief in Divine Appointments.  Merci beaucoup, Cami darlin’ . . . .

To see more of Cami’s session please click here


4 Responses to “Every child you encounter is a divine appointment ♦ wess stafford ♦ Cary Child Photographer”

  1. Kerry Iturbe

    Beautiful work. Cameron is my niece! Love her and i love your photography!!! 🙂

  2. Suzanne Bodeen

    These photos just take my breath away! I met you briefly at Cami’s birthday party. You are incredibly talented!
    Grandmother Suzanne

  3. Vea

    She is simply breathtaking. It is hard to pick a favorite!!!! I do especially love how you caught her hair and smile in picture 25. 🙂

  4. Shari Campbell

    Love these, somewhat partial, she’s my granddaughter… the greatest Christmas present ever! Thank you!

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